Professional Services

In order to ensure all our products and services conformed to the highest standard of quality, the following procedures are executed.

1/ Quality System
- Manufacturing processes comply with
2/ Environmental Protection
- Use the recycle paper materials for complying with the environmental protection needs.
3/ Customer Satisfactory
- Ensure all our products and services with High Quality / Good services / Low cost.

Green Pack has strong productivity, provide the binding and packaging services under the customer needs
- Production system and Products are RoHS compliance.
- Perform different kinds of testing under customer needs.
e.g. Drop test , Vibration test, High Temp. / Humidity test … etc.

International Certificate

    Green Pack has already passed ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 in order to make sure all our product, services and environment would meet international quality standard and fulfill customer needs.  
Green Pack also provides packaging and designs which over 10 years with fulfilled experience. Company has establish since year 1995, we always provide various training for employees and keep track on most updated machineries to provide high standard level products and services to our customers.